Friday, June 11, 2010

DIY stenciled laundry bag and embroidered fish softie

As I'm getting ready for my upcoming hospital stay, I realized I could use a laundry bag (not just a random plastic bag) : I assume people will use the bathroom when they visit me and the baby, and they will see all my stuff in there, so let's stay elegant with nice accessories ... Does it make me a weird perfectionist ?

This was my first experience with fabric paint, and I think I'll do that again very soon !! It's so simple, and gives a nice personalized touch ... and with the Liberty fabric, it's a real girl bag !!

I've also stitched a little fish and made a softie with it : I'll probably hang it to the stroller to entertain the baby. For now, I've attached it to my "baby bag" (awsome gift from my mother, thank you so much !)

Happy friday night everyone !

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