Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nursery progress - What a difference a chair, a garland and curtains make !

I'm officially 7 months pregnant and our June deadline is getting closer ...

The Baby is kicking so much all day long now, it's so funny to see my belly moving at the same time !! My back still hurt, and sometimes I can barely walk because of water retention (Thank God I'm having the Baby in June and not in September !) ... But it's still a great time in our life, and I'm so grateful for this wonderful experience so far !

So, as we're getting ready for the Baby, the nursery is getting ready too. Since the last post, we've added :
- orange curtains (from Ikea, see here), I love the blue/orange combo, I think it's pretty sophisticated and it gives a great personality to the whole room ...
- a white armchair (from Ikea too), it was previously used in our living-room,
- a DIY fabric garland, see below,
- and we also relocated a sheepskin throw from our living-room.

Making the garland was so easy : I just cut fabric triangles with this kind of scissors, and I sew all the triangles with bias. And voilà ! Pretty simple huh ?

I love the atmosphere of the room, it's very relaxing, yet joyful. I particularly like the sitting area, it'll be perfect for breastfeeding or just cuddling Baby ... Until now, I use it to read and get some rest.

We still have a few things to do and the nursery will be Baby-ready !


  1. Your shelves look awesome and your nursery is beautiful. Do you mind if I add them to my post? Congrats on your pending arrival.

  2. Just discovered your lovely blog. I am a first time Mum too although my baby is 11 months now. I remember this time last year having a massive belly and having to put my feet up as often as I could :) Your nursery looks beautiful, I really like the calm, relaxing colour palette you have chosen - perfect for a baby's room. I love your bunting too and the shelves with your cute displays look great too. I look forward to more of your lovely blog and your future posts. Good luck with the last month of your pregnancy - Amanda xx

  3. What a wonderful experience. Your room looks lovely.

  4. Absolutely ADORABLE! Can you come decorate mine, please?! :)


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