Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nursery progress - A DIY colourful canvas

Remember my "to do" list about the nursery ?

Still to do :
# Add curtains : done, pictures to come in a next post
# Paint a canvas : done : see below
# Sew more baby blankets (first one here)
# Sew another crib bedding : see this post
# Add a comfortable armchair (I plan to breastfeed, so I'll spend a lot of time on it)
# Add more shelves, above the bookcase : done, pictures to come in a next post
# Add more family pictures 

So here is the new painting, hanging above the changing table. It matches the crib bedding (the "real" blue is a little lighter). I've hung it high enough so the baby can't touch it when he/she's on the changing table.

It took me less than 3 hours to paint it and for about 25€ (canvas + paint), it gives a "dramatic" look to this area.

We rent our apartment, so we can't change the walls' colours. This big canvas is our alternative to new paint or wallpaper ...  and we can change it as soon as we want to create a different look.

What do you think ?

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  1. you are so artistically talented, i'm kinda jealous lol. :D


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